Renault Trucks Defense and Pro Optica cooperate together at Eurosatory. For the first time, a Sherpa Light Scout is presented equipped with a RCWS RO from Pro Optica.

This  system  increases  the  operational  capacity  of  the  Sherpa  Scout:  the  crew  is  better protected,  as the weapon  is used  from  inside  the vehicle  through  a joystick  and screen. Thanks  to stabilization,  the machine  gun  can  be used  when  the Sherpa  is moving.  And finally, the camera also offers good observation capabilities by day or by night. This RCWS can be equipped with 5,56 mm or 12,7 mm machine gun.

Renault Trucks Defense has developed for 5 years a completely new range of 4×4 tactical and light armoured vehicles from 7,7 to 11 tonnes : the Sherpa Light. The distinctive features of the Sherpa Light are clearly excellent all-terrain mobility and a huge payload. The Sherpa Light is also designed  to be fitted with add-on armor (ballistic,  mine and IED kits) without losing mobility and payload  contrary  to older vehicles.  It is powered  by a 215 hp Renault engine with huge torque (800 N.m. at 1200-1700 rpm) meeting emission compliance up to Euro V. The 0.6 meters ground clearance of the vehicle also contributes to its high mobility and protection against mines and IED. The Sherpa Light is able to climb a gradient of up to 100%, a side slope of 40% or to cross a trench of 0.9 meters. Its fording capacity is stated at up to 1.5 meters.

This association meets success, as the Sherpa Light Scout equipped with RCWS RO has already been sold to a Middle East customer.

Renault Trucks Defense, a reference manufacturer for the terrestrial armed forces, designs and develops a full range of armoured vehicles, with the SHERPA®. Legacy supplier to the French Army, with more than 4,000 VAB armoured personnel carriers in service, Renault Trucks Defense can claim more than 65 customer countries across the world. Employing 600 people in France, RTD’s 2010 revenues exceeded €300 M. Armoured vehicles represent more than 60% of its activity, but it also has a truck offering geared to a very full range of military uses. Renault Trucks Defense participates in programmes with Nexter, such as the CAESAR® artillery system and the VBCI infantry fighting armoured vehicle. It holds several brand names across the world, including ACMAT.

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Pro optica established in 1990 but originates in 1936, is Leader on the Romanian electroptical systems and solution market and player on the international one. Pro optica supplied for its customers more than 4000 Infantry Night Vision System, more than 100 ISTAR systems (ARTEMIS ®) and more than 200 armoured vehicles are equipped with PRO Optica systems for: driver (SOCAD®), commander (SIOBLIN®), warning and contrameasures (SAM®), navigation and firing (remote controlled weapon station RCWS-RO). All systems are in service with MoD & MoI troops in real missions. Pro Optica holds 31 patents and registered marks. Pro Optica’ s most valuable assets are the employees: 52% university degrees and 8% PhDs.

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