CONDOR SR® is used for armored vehicle driving or backward slightly moving and observing, during day, night and in harsh environmental conditions. It can be used on Light 4x4 Armored Vehicles and 4x4/8x8 tracked/wheeled Armored Personnel Carriers and Infantry Fighting Vehicles.
  • CONDOR SR® contains a front sensor unit for driving and route observation and a rear sensor unit for watching the field behind the vehicle, both mounted on the hull.
  • A color display, with an Operator’s Control Unit incorporated, is located inside, at driver’s place.
  • A reticle, containing guiding lines for safe driving, is generated on the display.

Outside the vehicle:

  • Pan-Tilt platform (P&T)
  • Sensor Unit (SU) :
  • Color CCD camera(CCD);
  • Uncooled Thermal Camera(TC);

Inside the vehicle:

  • Workstation:
    • – Computer & Display Unit (CDU)
  • Software Application

Towing Device (for transportation) – Optional

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